A total of 68 Unicorns in India, but their financial condition is bad, know who are the top-10 Indian Unicorns with losses. Zee Business

Indian Unicorns: The startup ecosystem in India is expanding rapidly. Recently the Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2022 report was released. According to this, in the first half of this year, India added 14 new unicorns, taking the total number of unicorns to 68. In terms of number of unicorns, India is at third place after America and China. England is in fourth place. There are a total of 46 unicorns. Unicorns and startups are expanding rapidly, but the losses of these companies are also increasing continuously.

Byju’s biggest loss

Byju’s is the largest unicorn in India with a value of $22 billion. Its loss is also the highest 4588 crores. After this, Oyo has the highest loss of 3944 crores. Udaan comes in third place, whose loss is 2482 crores. Flipkart comes in fourth place, whose total loss is 2446 crores. Eruditus comes in fifth place, whose loss is 1934 crores.

PhonePe lost 1728 crores

PhonePe comes in sixth place, whose loss is 1728 crores. At the seventh position is Paytm, whose loss is 1710 crores. Swiggy comes at the eighth position and its loss is 1617 crores. Unacademy comes at number nine and its loss is 1537 crores. Freshworks comes at number ten, whose loss is 1499 crores.

has raised a fund of 63 billion dollars

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in the past that there are more than a hundred unicorn companies in India with a total value of $ 250 billion and these unicorns have been successful in raising more than $ 63 billion in the last few years. The Finance Minister said that the management of about 25 percent of the startups in Silicon Valley is in the hands of people of Indian origin, which is a matter of great pride for the country. A startup with a valuation of over one billion dollars is called a unicorn.

Byju’s valuation highest

There are 68 unicorns in India, of which Byju’s, an online educator, has the highest value. Byju’s is valued at $22 billion. After that the valuation of Swiggy is $ 11 billion. At number three is Dream11, whose valuation is $ 8 billion. It has also been said in the report that Indian people have made 56 unicorns by going abroad. If this number is included, then the total number of unicorns reaches 124.

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