All users of Koo can now get ‘identification tick’, company told how to apply for ‘yellow tick’

Koo, which has emerged as the Indian rival of micro-blogging platform Twitter, is all set to offer ‘identification tick’ option to all users on a voluntary basis to widen the scope of its verification programme. Let us tell you that the identification tick is a kind of verification tick which is given to the major users on the Ku platform.

Giving information about this in a conversation with PTI, Co-Founder and CEO of Koo, Apramaya Radhakrishna said that to expand the scope of the verification program, Koo is planning to provide ‘identification tick’ facility to all its users.

It will be easy for users to get the identification tick

Apramaya Radhakrishna said on the proposal of identification tick that this arrangement will be given to the users on an alternate basis and there will be no compulsion in it. He said that we already have an Eminence Tick facility. Through the identification tick, our common users will be able to say that they are genuine.

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He said that the identification tick will soon be made available to all users who would like to use it. Visually also, the identification tick will be different from the yellow colored eminence tick.

No plans to expand to other countries yet

Radhakrishna said that there is an intention to expand this indigenously developed micro blogging platform to other countries as well, but the company does not want to rush it. He said that expansion abroad is not an immediate priority of the company.

He said that the company is currently looking to become the market leader domestically and wants to learn all the important lessons of adapting itself to local cultures and values ​​while working in India. Ku is also undergoing trials in Nigeria.

When asked about the company’s plans to IPO, he said that it is still a long way off and Ku is still eyeing its growth. Ku has been downloaded by over three crore people. Ku in India offers yellow tick as verification tick, while Twitter has blue tick for verification account.

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