Anil Singhvi Strategy: Know what is the support zone of Nifty and Bank Nifty for today and what should investors do. Zee Business

Anil Singhvi Strategy: The members of the Federal Reserve agreed that the rate of interest rate hike would be slowed down further. Due to this, the mood of the American market improved and a boom is also being seen in the Asian markets. The Dow Jones gained 95 points and the dollar index slipped below 106. The unemployment rate in America is currently 3.7%. The Labor Department said that in the week ending on November 12, unemployment allowance has been given to 15.5 lakh people. Weekly unemployment claims rose from 17,000 to 2.4 lakh. Amidst all these factors, what should be the strategy of earning for the investors, let us know the opinion of Anil Singhvi, Managing Editor, Zee Business.

overall condition of the market

Global- positive
FII – Negative
Future & Option – Neutral
Sentiment- Positive
trend- positive

futures and options ban updates

Punjab National Bank was included in the ban.
No one was taken out of the ban.
No one is already in the ban.

Keystone Realtors Listing Preview

Expected to list at a premium to the issue price of Rs 541.
Short term investors should keep a stoploss of Rs 525.

Where is support and where to sell for Nifty and Bank Nifty?

Nifty support zone 18200-18250, below that 18125-18175 Strong Buy zone

Nifty higher zone 18325-18350, Above that 18400-18450 Profit booking zone

Bank Nifty support zone 42550-42625, below that 42350-42450 Strong Buy zone

Bank Nifty higher zone 42850-42950, ​​Above that 43050-43150 Profit booking zone

Nifty support levels 18250, 18200, 18175, 18135

Nifty higher levels 18300, 18325, 18350, 18400, 18425, 18450

Bank Nifty support levels 42625, 42550, 42500, 42450, 42375, 42300

Bank Nifty higher levels 42850, 42950, ​​43000, 43050, 43150

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