Apple will give a big blow to China! Every fourth iPhone could be made in India by 2025. Zee Business

Apple iPhone: Apple Inc. may make every fourth iPhone in India by 2025. According to a JP Morgan report, due to the doubling of local manufacturing of technology products in India, Apple may produce 5 percent of its new iPhone 14 in India by the end of this year. At the same time, by 2025, Apple can transfer 25 percent of its production to India. Earlier it had also said that Apple may reduce the production period of its new iPhone product in India this year. Next year, Apple iPhone 15 may see its production in China as well as in India at Foxconn and Wistron manufacturing facilities.

India is the second largest market in the world

India is the second largest smartphone market in the world after China. The JP Morgan report states that India’s iPhone supply chain has supplied the company’s model. Interestingly, EMS vendors started manufacturing it in India 2-3 months after Apple started manufacturing the iPhone 14/14 Plus models in China.

This very short gap indicates the growing importance of India’s production of technology products and the potential for higher iPhone allocation for India’s manufacturing in the future, the report said. iPhones imports in India are expected to drop to 15 per cent this year (from 50 per cent in 2019), while domestic manufacturing by the Cupertino-based tech giant is set to go up to 85 per cent, according to the market.

These models are manufactured

The report said that we believe that Apple currently produces the iPhone 14/14 Plus models in India due to the more complex camera module of the iPhone Pro series and the higher demand for the iPhone 14 series.

Buoyed by ease of doing business and friendly local manufacturing policies, Apple’s ‘Make in India’ iPhones will likely account for about 85 per cent of its total iPhone production for the country this year.

Will also increase stake in Vietnam

By 2025, Vietnam will account for 20 percent of all iPad and Apple Watch productions, 5 percent of MacBooks and 65 percent of AirPods, according to a JP Morgan report.

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