Ashish Kacholia: Expert again bought 10 lakh shares in this strong company, has given 123% return in one year. Zee Business

Ashish Kacholia Portfolio: Market’s veteran investor Ashish Kacholia has once again increased his stake in Finotex Chemical Limited. Recently, Ashish Kacholia has bought 1 million shares of Finotex Chemical Limited and increased his stake from 1 percent to 1.84 percent. Let us inform that in the beginning of the year 2022, market veteran Ashish Kacholia had bought 1 percent stake (10,42,534 shares) in specialty chemical company Finotex Chemical Limited. But last week the investor again bought 1 million shares of this company and increased his stake to 1.84 percent. Kacholia is known to choose multibagger stocks in the mid and smallcap space.

How much has the stock climbed in the last 52 weeks

In the last 52 weeks, this stock has increased from Rs 56.60 to Rs 178.00. At the same time, the consolidated net sales of the company stood at Rs 105.07 crore in December 2021. Whereas in December 2020, the consolidated net sales of the company was Rs 58.35 crore.

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Fineotex Chemicals: Up 123% in 1 year

Finotex Chemicals has been a multibagger stock. This stock has given returns of up to 123.64% in the last one year. On the other hand, if we talk about the return of 5 years, then this stock has given returns of up to 348.96 percent to the investors.

34 stocks in Ashish Kacholio’s portfolio

Veteran investor Ashish Kacholia currently has 34 shares in his portfolio. These include stocks related to hospitality, education, infra and manufacturing. People investing in the stock market keep an eye on their portfolio. According to Trendline, the net worth of Kacholia Portfolio as on February 14 was more than Rs 1786.8 crore.

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