Bad news for those who use Netflix for free! New feature has been launched, you will have to take your subscription. Zee Business

Till now it used to happen that one friend used to subscribe to Netflix and we 6-7 friends used to enjoy new movies and web series from his account. The password was not only shared with friends, but also reached friends of friends. Then once we got the password, until that friend changed it, we didn’t even think of getting our own subscription. But now maybe you have to think. A new feature has been launched by Netflix, so that users will get the facility to remove those people from their account, with whom they do not want to share their account.

What is this new feature?

Netflix believes that more people in India run Netflix for free than in other countries. Whether the account holder is aware of it or not, people are running their Netflix account for free. In such a situation, Netflix has brought the feature of removing other users from your account in a single click. The company has introduced this feature through a blog post. A new feature has been added to the Account Setting option of Netflix, which can find out on which device their account is logged in. After this, if the account holder wants, he can remove those devices with which he does not want to share the account.

Will be able to trace login activity as well

Netflix has not only brought a new feature to remove users, but now through this, you can also find out which devices your account is running on. Usually, we share passwords only among friends and family, but if you have ever logged in from outside and forgot to log out, then this feature can prove to be helpful.

Through the Manage Access and Devices Menu, it can be found that where, when and on which device the user is running the Netflix account. Netflix has confirmed that the new feature has been rolled out to all Web, iOS and Android devices worldwide.

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