Big decision of Tata Group, all companies related to group’s metals will be merged into Tata Steel. Zee Business

Tata Group News: Tata Group has taken a big decision regarding the consolidation of its companies. Under this, all the companies associated with the metals of Tata Group will be merged into Tata Steel. This means that all businesses related to the group’s metals will become a single company, Tata Steel. Tata Steel told the stock exchange that in the meeting of the company’s board of directors on Thursday, the proposal to merge 7 metal companies of the group with Tata Steel was approved.

According to the information given to the stock market by Tata Steel, the group companies that will be merged with Tata Steel include Tata Steel Long Products, The Tinplate Company of India Limited, Includes Tata Metaliks Limited, TRF Limited, Indian Steel & Wire Products Limited, Tata Steel Mining Limited and S&T Mining Company Limited Is.

The board of the 7 companies (each a separate scheme) being merged into Tata Steel, the committee of independent directors and the audit committee of the company had recommended it after reviewing the merger proposal. For each scheme, all companies will have to get approval from their shareholders, SEBI, competent authority, stock exchange (NSE, BSE), regulatory and other relevant government authorities or judicial authorities. According to the rules of SEBI, on the basis of need, all the related documents / certificates of the scheme will be made available to the stock exchanges.

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