Crypto platform mistakenly sent Rs 57 crore to a woman’s account, the company did not know for 7 months

Cryptocurrency trading platform,, mistakenly transferred a whopping amount of 1.05 million Australian dollars (about Rs 57 crore) to the account of an Australian woman while refunding $100. The company did not find out about this mistake for about 7 months and during this time the Australian woman was spending these money indiscriminately. is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. came to know in December 2021 that it had mistakenly transferred $105 million to the account of a Melbourne-based woman, about 7 months earlier, in May 2021. The woman has been identified as ‘Thevamanogiri Manival’. does business in Australia under the name ‘Foris GFS’. The company was supposed to return $100 to Manival’s account due to a payment failure, but it mistakenly transferred $10.5 million instead.

The company then filed a lawsuit against the woman and her sister Thilagavati Gangadori in the Victorian Supreme Court of Australia. He has got an order from the court to freeze the bank accounts of the woman, but the problem for him is that Thevamanogiri Manival has already spent or transferred a lot of this amount.

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The court is now ordering to freeze the accounts in which Manival has transferred the money. During the hearing, the court found that Paya had spent $13.5 million (about Rs 7.3 crore) to buy a four-bedroom house in Melbourne’s Crazyburn area and later transferred the ownership of the property to his sister Thilagavati Gangadori. Dia, who lives in Malaysia.

Efforts to send confiscation orders to Gangadori have failed as she never responds to emails from’s lawyers. The court has received information from Manival’s counsel that they have received the order.

Meanwhile, the court passed a default judgment ordering Gangadori to immediately sell his property and return the money to and pay with it $27,369.64 in interest. Manival’s lawyer told that Gangadori is taking legal advice in this matter. Now the matter will be heard again in October.

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