Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting while paying with QR Code, or else you will have to pay for taking it. Zee Business

QR Code Payment News in Hindi: Do you also make most of the digital payments through QR Code? If yes, then it is very important for you to take care of some things. There is no shortage in today’s date for those making digital payments using QR code. Most of the people consider it appropriate to do money transactions through QR code only. Because here It is easy to transfer money and it also takes very less time.

The full form of QR Code is Quick Response Code. It is similar in appearance to the Square Barcode which was first made in Japan. It looks exactly like traditional UPC barcodes which are like horizontal lines. If you are making digital payment using QR code, then keep in mind that on scanning, the QR code will only take you to your payments app. If it takes you somewhere else then you need to be careful.

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Don’t make these mistakes even by forgetting

If ever you are taken to the download link of an app after scanning the QR code, then you can leave immediately. Have an effect. Many times hackers also send QR codes in your e-mail saying that if the payment has failed, then complete it from here. Avoid such mails and do not scan the QR codes received in them. By doing this you may have to suffer a big loss.

Keep these things in mind

If any person asks you to receive money using QR code, then be careful and do not do it. Because QR code is never scanned to receive the amount. Shopping mall, petrol pump or any other When you scan the QR code in small or big shops, then you should use it with great care.

What can be stored in QR Code?

To speak it in very simple language, then QR code ‘image-based hypertext link’ which we can use in offline mode also. In this, we can encode any URL so that if someone scans the QR Code, then that website can be opened comfortably. For example, if you want someone to like your Facebook page, then you can give the URL of your Facebook page in that QR code so that if someone wants to scan it, it will be redirected to your Facebook page.

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