Earning Tips: With the help of these four websites, you can earn great money, you get more than $100 for writing an article

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Earning Tips: Many people have lost their jobs after the Corona crisis. Along with this, many people are doing work from home for the last two years. Due to the low income of the people, many people are now looking for a means for side income. If you are also fond of reading and writing, then today we are telling you about four such websites, with the help of which you can earn in dollars.

If you also want to earn some extra income by working in your spare time, then we are telling you about four reliable websites where you can earn good money by using your free time.

If you love to read books and you are interested in reading novels then you can earn from your reading habit. Kirkus is the most trusted book review website. Writing a book review of 350 words can help you earn a decent amount of money on a freelance basis.

If you are interested in categorizing data, copy editing, proof reading, web research, surveys etc., then you can take the help of Clickworker. He pays well to the people working according to his job.

If you are interested in transcription, then you can do transcription related jobs with the help of GoTranscript. Transcription means converting voice note into text. Before taking the job of GoTranscript, you need to give it a test. Usually in GoTranscript you get paid at $ 0.6 per minute or ₹ 46 per minute. By working on GoTranscript, you can get money in your account with PayPal or Paynior.

Elite Personal Finance
If you like personal finance and have knowledge about stock market, mutual funds, tax etc. then you can earn by giving advice to others. Elite Personal Finance actually pays to write articles related to investing, budgeting, stock market, saving and growing money etc. You can earn $100 per article by writing articles about the stock market etc. on Elite.

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