Gmail Account: How To Login When Gmail Account Is Locked, These Tricks Can Come To Your Work. Zee Business

Gmail is used almost everywhere. Mail is needed everywhere in schools, colleges, offices. We also save a lot of data here. In such a situation, if our Gmail account gets locked then it can be a matter of great trouble. Let us know how it can be fixed.

change sign in

If for some reason your Gmail account has been locked or if you are unable to log in again, then you can change the method of logging in. For this you just have to login with your mobile number. After this you will receive OTP on your email or your mobile number for recovery.

Method for Android users

It may be easier for Android users to log back into the account in such a situation. All Android phones are linked to a Google account, so the easiest way to recover it is to use the Google Authenticator app. With this you will be able to log in easily.

Apple users log in like this

If you are an Apple user and are unable to log in, you can log in using your iPhone or iPad. Get help from any device you’re already logged into on. There you will not be asked for the device password for recovery. And with the help of this you can verify yourself. Apart from Apple, if you are logged in from any other device, then with the help of that you can verify yourself.

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