Gold Silver Price: To buy gold jewelery for marriage, first know the rate of 22 carat gold

Gold Silver Price Today 25th November 2022: Today, on Friday, November 25, 2022, the fifth day of the week, there has been a slight decline in the price of gold. There is good news for the customers buying gold jewelery for wedding. In the bullion market, the rate of 10 grams of 24 carat gold became cheaper by Rs 51 and opened at Rs 52,662. Silver rate is trading above Rs 61,700. According to gold experts, gold can trade in a range till next month. The wedding season in the domestic market and the news of the US Federal raising interest rates again in the international market are also causing movement in gold prices.

Gold declined in the domestic market

Yesterday on Thursday, the rate of 10 grams of 24 carat gold had closed at Rs.52,713 but today it has come down below the level of Rs.52,700. The previous peak of gold was Rs 56,600. It is currently trailing around Rs 3,900 from its peak. At the same time, 22 carat gold, in which most jewelery is made, became cheaper by Rs 47 to Rs 48,238 per 10 grams.

Rates open on IBJA this morning on 25th November

ibja Gold price was seen trading at Rs 52,662 on the website of Rs. In the table given below, the rate of gold ranging from 24 carat 10 grams to 14 carat gold has been given. Along with this, the rate of one kilogram of silver has been given. gold and Silver Today’s rate has been compared with Thursday’s closing price. At the same time, silver has come at the rate of Rs 62,379. Here is the price of 10 grams of gold and 1 kg of silver in the bullion market.

metal Rate of 25 November (Rs / 10 grams) Rate of 24th November (Rs/10 gm) Change in rate (Rs/10g)
Gold 999 (24 Carat) 52662 52713 -51
Gold 995 (23 Carat) 52451 52502 -51
Gold 916 (22 Carat) 48238 48285 -47
Gold 750 (18 Carat) 39497 39535 -38
Gold 585 ( 14 Carat) 30807 30837 -30
Silver 999 61777Rs/Kg 62266Rs/Kg -489 Rs/Kg

Increased demand for gold jewelery in the domestic market due to weddings

The wedding season has started in the domestic market i.e. India. Yogesh Singhal, head of the Jewelers Association, said that the demand for gold has increased due to the wedding season. Tarun Tatsangi, Assistant General Manager (Commodity Research), Origo e Mandi, said that in the last few months, gold prices (Gold Rates) is doing business in limited range. After the rise in gold up to a limit, it starts declining. This is what is being seen in the gold market right now. Gold is showing correction after crossing Rs 53,000.

Gold may rise in the international market

Gold prices are going to continue to fluctuate in the international market. The US Federal Reserve may once again increase its interest rates to control inflation. If reports are to be believed, the Federal Reserve may hike interest rates by 0.50 per cent. This is going to have a direct impact on the price of gold.

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