House Renting Tips: Know these things before renting the house, otherwise there will be no option but to repent

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House Renting Tips: Many people buy a house for the purpose of investment and rent it out. If you have also bought a house for investment or tax saving purpose and you are going to take it on rent, then it is important for you to take care of some things. Many people buy more than one house to earn extra income from the rest of the rent and have an extra property as a backup.

It is important for you to know that sometimes you can make losses in the pursuit of making profits. In fact, if you are also planning to rent your house, then we are telling you five such things with the help of which you can easily rent your house. Keeping these five things in mind, you should rent your house (House Renting Tips).

1. Avoid giving homes to strangers
If you are also thinking of giving your house on rent, then first of all you should make sure that the person to whom you are going to rent the house is a familiar person. One should try to avoid giving house to an unknown person (House Renting Tips). You should give your house to someone you know or people whose acquaintances you know.

2. First of all see the required documents
When you rent a house to someone (House Renting Tips), first of all check his PAN and Aadhaar number. If possible, you should see his office ID and keep a photocopy of all these with you.

3. Don’t skimp on paperwork
Before renting the house (House Renting Tips), you must make a rent agreement. This rent agreement should contain detailed information such as the name, address, father’s name, rent amount, etc. of the tenant. Keep in mind that if there is any furniture in the house, then definitely mention about that in the agreement. After this, get the tenant’s signature on it and keep it with you.

4. Make sure to get police verification done
Many times it happens that people of criminal mindset want to rent your house by getting fake ID made. They can commit crimes while in your house. To avoid any such situation, it is important that you get the tenant’s police verification done before renting your house.

5. Keep getting updates from RWA-Electricity Department
You keep getting all the updates about your house and tenant from the RWA of your society. Keep checking whether your tenant is paying the maintenance charges of the society on time or not. Similarly, keep in constant contact with the electricity department and water supply department etc. to find out whether your electricity and water bills are being deposited on time or not. Many tenants give you the house renting tips on time, but do not pay the maintenance and electricity and water bills of the society, which can suddenly put a heavy burden on you.

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