‘How to escape from Russia, how to break your hand at home?’ Russian citizens do not want to go to fight in Ukraine war, after Putin’s announcement, such methods are searching on Google

Russia Ukraine War: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced ‘Military Mobilization’ and ‘Martial Law’ in the country. This decision is being opposed in many places in Russia. In this episode, the citizens of Russia are now on Google ‘How to leave the country?’ and ‘How to break a hand at home?’ Looking for answers to such questions.

Within hours of Putin’s speech, men across Russia, when called to duty, were plunged into chaos. Some of these men had not yet gone to war in Ukraine for months. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered the country’s first mobilization since World War II.

According to The Washington Post, men who served in the military and held junior military ranks throughout Russia. They were allegedly given written notices either in their offices or at their homes. Most of the reservists in Russia are under the age of 35.

In some cases, their identity documents were checked on the street and asked to arrive for medical tests, while others received orders over the telephone.

Russia Ukraine War: ‘No need to die for Putin’, people took to the streets against a presidential decree, thousands of protesters arrested, why?

The Russian President’s address has caused uneasiness among citizens. As soon as the reservists were called on duty, their worried relatives started looking for ways to escape the country so that their loved ones would not be called into the army again.

The report said that most of the flights from Russia to many countries have been banned. On the other hand, countries that have not imposed any restrictions on Russia, there are still direct flights to some cities of those countries.

Google search trend in Russia “How to leave Russia?” And even “How to break an arm at home?” Questions like these seem to increase. This shows that the citizens of Russia are ready to harm themselves rather than go to the Ukrainian war.

Not only this, after the announcement of Putin, there was a tremendous increase in booking of flights going out of Russia. After some time there was no space left in a single flight.

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