India’s outperformance will continue, banking and defense stocks have strength: Dinshaw Irani

On the first day of the December series Sensex and Nifty Bank again made a peak. Nifty is currently showing a consolidation mood. Nifty is stable above 18450 today. Most of the action is in midcap. midcap index 0.75 percent has jumped. Public sector banking stocks remain buoyant. of Nifty PSU Bank Index It is in a bullish mood for the 9th consecutive day. pnb 7 percent have run. so this week UCO Bank has taken a massive jump of 32 per cent. On the other hand, there is a race between stocks to reach all time high. Escorts Kubota, IRFC And RVNL Today’s shares have reached a record high. There is also a strong boom in realty and auto stocks. In such a situation, how can the market move ahead? to talk about and strategize for the long term CNBC-Awaaz is with Helios India CEO Dinshaw Irani,

India’s outperformance will continue

So far, midcaps have not participated in the market rally as much as they should have. How do you see this whole one-and-a-half month rally? Answering this question, Dinshaw Irani said that usually in any rally in the market, only largecaps move forward first. After that midcaps and smallcaps are included in this boom. But you should keep in mind that India has already outperformed. Now if the Indian markets have to show growth from the current levels then the world markets should be stable. But it is clear that even if there is a pause in between, India’s outperformance will continue going forward. The growth of Indian economy will be good in 4-5 years.

Invest in Campus Activewear

campus activewear In Helios India had invested. He has also made good money in this. This stock has lost about 30 percent from its high. What to do in this stock now? Answering this question, Dinshaw Irani said that the valuations of the stock have become good in this fall. Those who have these shares can do averaging in it if they want. The long term outlook of the stock is very good. New investment can also be made in this from a long perspective.

He further said that we do not take a lot of exposure in the shares of government companies. We believe that where the interference of the government is more, there the policy is not clear. However, he also told that he has investments in defense stocks.

SBI has power

Talking on bank stocks, Dinshaw Irani said that the largest public sector bank SBI has strength. The banking space for investment is very attractive at the moment. On Q2 results, he said Q2 results have been good except for commodities and energy. Bank performance in Q2 has also been good. He also liked the consumer space. They are investing in this.

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