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Kaam Ki Baat: If you have a two wheeler, three wheeler or four wheeler then you must have a driving license as well. Driving license is a very important document like Aadhaar card, PAN card or Voter ID card and this paper is also kept safe like other documents. But many times it happens that even after handling a lot, if the goods or documents are lost, then they get damaged, then in such a situation, you have to apply for a duplicate drilling license to avoid challan. You can easily apply for duplicate license even sitting at home. Know here that if the driving license is lost then how can easily apply for duplicate DL sitting at home.

It is very important to file an FIR

If the driving license is lost, first of all an FIR has to be lodged with the police. FIR is also necessary because when you apply for duplicate DL, a copy of this FIR has to be shown there. If your driving license is not lost, it is just torn or has become old, then the original driving license has to be shown for duplicate DL.

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follow these steps

  • First of all visit the official website of Road Transport Department
  • Fill the LLD form after filling all the details by going to the website
  • After filling the form, take a print out and keep it
  • Along with this, attach all your necessary documents
  • Now this form has to be submitted to the RTO office.
  • Please tell that you can do this work online as well.
  • You will get duplicate DL after 30 days from completion of online process

Duplicate DL can also be applied offline

This process can also be done offline. For this, you have to first go to the RTO office and submit all the necessary documents there. LLD form will have to be filled by going to RTO office and fees will have to be paid. In this process you will get your duplicate driving license after 30 days.

During this, you will also get a receipt, which is very important to keep carefully. when your

Duplicate DL will be received, then this receipt will be needed. You can also track your duplicate DL through this receipt.

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