Know which people are most at risk in the fourth wave of Corona, do you have this problem?

The fear of corona virus has engulfed the whole world. America. Countries like UK, China, South Korea are battered by Corona. The fifth wave has knocked in South Africa. Meanwhile, in India too, corona infection is spreading rapidly again. Due to this, there is a possibility of fourth wave in the country soon. This time the variants of Corona are not even leaving the people who have got the vaccine. In such a situation, this epidemic is the biggest threat to those people whose immunity is most weak.

Many people are showing severe symptoms of corona. While there are many people in whom very mild symptoms of corona are showing. Common symptoms of corona include fever, cough, sore throat, headache, runny nose and gastrointestinal problems. Looking at this fourth wave of Corona, let us know which people need to be most alert.

These people are the biggest danger of corona

elderly be careful

According to health experts, the elderly above 60 years of age are at the highest risk of corona. The reason for this is that after the age of 60, the immune system becomes most vulnerable. Not only this, they also have to face many types of diseases.

Heart patients be careful

Many studies have revealed that people suffering from heart-related diseases are more prone to corona. New variants of the corona virus may increase the risk of heart attack.

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People with obesity at risk

People suffering from obesity also remain at risk of corona infection. The immune system becomes very weak in people suffering from obesity. Due to which there is a possibility of getting infected quickly.

Victims of chronic disease at risk

People who have a disease for a long time are also at the highest risk of corona infection. In such a situation, if you have diabetes, cancer, asthma, kidney disease or liver related disease, then they are more prone to corona.

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