Market cap of 8 in top 10 companies of BSE increased by Rs 1.91 lakh crore, these companies benefited

Similarly, the m-cap of Infosys increased from Rs 18,219 crore to Rs 6,52,012.91 crore. The market cap of HDFC rose by Rs 14,978.42 crore to Rs 4,31,679.65 crore and that of State Bank of India (SBI) rose by Rs 12,940.69 crore to Rs 4,71,397.99 crore. The m-cap of ICICI Bank rose by Rs 12,873.62 crore to Rs 5,69,400.43 crore. The m-cap of Reliance Industries rose by Rs 3,962.45 crore to Rs 16,97,208.18 crore.

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