META: Facebook’s ‘news feed’ is now just ‘feed’, know what is the reason for this change. Zee Business

meta has changed the name of its news feed to feed after 15 years. The logic behind doing this is that the word news was confusing the users. Facebook gave this information from its official Twitter account and said that from today the news feed will be known as ‘Feed’. Happy scrolling! The name of News Feed was decided 15 years ago only when Facebook launched this feature.

The second reason for removing the word News from the News Feed is that it will now roll out a separate tab named News on its platform for its users in France. Where news will be shown from trusted news sources. Therefore, the difference between the user in ‘news feed’ and ‘feed’ can be kept. Significantly, Facebook has also seen a loss in daily users globally. The stock has dropped by 20% due to apprehension reduced ad growth.

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In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said that the feed received by users will be shown better. That’s why Facebook is being updated. The company also said that the way the app works will not be changed in this.

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