MF Tips: To become a millionaire, you can also take the help of mutual funds, what is the advice of expert Radhika Gupta?

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MF Investment Tips Hindi: If you also want to increase your capital but you do not understand the stock market etc., then you do not need to panic. You can also become a millionaire by investing in mutual funds.

Radhika Gupta, CEO and MD of Edelweiss Mutual Fund has said that young investors should take the help of mutual funds to become millionaires. If you do not have knowledge about the stock market and you are afraid of investing in stocks, then mutual funds can help you a lot in making you rich.

Radhika Gupta said that the youth who have just started their career can easily become a millionaire by the time they retire. Radhika Gupta recommends that you invest a part of your salary every month in mutual funds regularly for a period of 15 to 20 years. Radhika Gupta has said that the direct fund of becoming a millionaire is that you make a habit of investing and keep investing regularly.

Radhika Gupta has advised the youth that if you have just started your career then you do not need to invest 25 or 50 lakhs to become a millionaire. Radhika Gupta said, “Salary earners have limited income. You can make your wealth by investing in this limit as well, for this you just need to invest regularly. Regular investment means that you Once you decide the amount to save from your salary and keep putting it in mutual funds regularly.

Radhika Gupta has said that you can invest in mutual funds every month according to your salary. This will help you deal with the ups and downs of the stock market. According to Radhika Gupta, the thing to keep in mind for young investors is that when there is weakness in the stock market, at that time you should not decide to redeem your funds. Along with this, you can continue your investment process without getting affected by the volatility of the stock market.

If you keep investing in your mutual funds regularly in every round of the stock market, then this gives you an opportunity to average out your purchase price. If you keep investing regularly then after 15 years you can fulfill your dream of becoming a millionaire.

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