Multibagger Stock: One lakh made one crore, now this IT stock will double the money of new investors

Multibagger Stock: IT services giant BlackBox (Formerly known as AGC Network) The trend of experts is looking bullish. According to experts, this is a golden opportunity to double your money by investing in it at the current price. Blackbox, which has brought in profits by buying companies going through bad times, which have the power of presence at the global level, has made investors millionaires in just one lakh investment. Now new investors have a chance to double their money in less time.

Domestic brokerage Ventura has launched Blackbox coverage and advised investors to invest with a target price of Rs 301. Its current price is Rs 146.15 i.e. if you invest now, the money will increase by more than two times till the target price. It has weakened 30 per cent in one year but according to experts, this multibagger stock has the potential to double your money.

Why experts bet

According to analysts at Ventura, the business of black box is at a place from where it is showing potential for rapid growth. Its market share is improving, its coverage is expanding and new cloud oriented products are coming. Given all this, Ventura estimates that the company’s revenue will grow at a CAGR of 12.3 per cent (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to Rs 7600 crore between FY 2022-25.

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At the same time, EBITDA is expected to grow at a CAGR of 32.6 per cent and net profit at 66.6 per cent during this period. For all these reasons, Ventura Securities has given an investment advice in this and has set a target price of Rs 301 for the next two years. On the risk side, Ventura believes exposure to the US is high, but the management is trying to mitigate this risk by focusing on Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

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BlackBox has proven to be a multibagger

Before the acquisition of Blackbox, the company’s name was AGC, whose shares were just Rs 3.18 on 13 December 1996, which increased 103 times to Rs 328.69 on 23 April 2021 i.e. an investment of Rs 1 lakh would have become Rs 1.03 crore. Although it declined after that and today (September 22) its shares have closed at Rs 146.15 on the BSE, but still the investors’ capital is 46 times more than that of December 1996, that is, 46 lakh rupees of one lakh have been made. Huh.

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