Multibagger Stock: Share of Rs 240 reached close to 23 thousand, know what is the business of the company

Multibagger Stock: A global leader in improving the lives of ordinary people through science and innovation 3M India has increased the capital of the investors wildly. Today its shares are marginally up and are in a downtrend for the last few days. Although it has strengthened by about 28 per cent in the last six months. At the same time, in the long term, it has increased the capital of investors by about 96 times. Shares of 3M India today gained Rs 109.35 to trade at Rs 22946.10 on BSE.3M India share price) are closed.

Investors’ capital increased 96 times

After this, the shares showed selling pressure and by May 27, 2022, it fell 36 percent and slipped to Rs 17,300, which is a record low of 52 weeks. After this, it again showed a better trend and till now it has recovered about 33 percent but still it is at a discount of 15 percent from the record high of one year.

Details about 3M India

It creates things that make life easier. In addition, companies gain more by using less. According to the information given on the company’s website, 3M India prepares data related to healthcare in such a way that accurate information can be extracted.

It manufactures products like polishing paper, masking tape, bathroom towel hooks, stethoscope spare parts, sting barrier film and many more. It manufactures products for a wide range of fields such as household, office supplies, medical, tapes, tools and equipment, lubricants, films and sheeting, electrical, dental and coatings.

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