Multibagger Stock: This banking stock has increased capital by 14 times, now there is a possibility of 43% increase, experts gave investment advice

Multibagger Stock: The last few days were great buying in banking stocks. Due to this, SBI, IndusInd Bank, ICICI Bank and Bank of Baroda (Bank of Baroda) shares reached a record high of 52 weeks. Out of this, if we talk about Bank of Baroda (BOB), then it has proved to be multibagger and it has increased the money of investors about 14 times in 23 years.

Shares of Bank of Baroda were at Rs 10.09 on January 1, 1999, which reached Rs 141.20 on BSE today. However, its momentum is not going to stop yet. According to market experts, its shares can jump 43 percent more. A target price of Rs 202 has been fixed for investment in this.

Experts are placing bets because

According to analysts at LKP Securities, the asset quality of Bank of Baroda continues to improve and the standard restructuring is at a manageable level. Apart from this, credit growth also remains healthy, which is expected to grow rapidly.

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LKP Research estimates that on the back of lower credit cost and consistently better margins, BoB’s profits may grow in the current fiscal year 2022-23 and perform better than expected. LKP Research estimates that BOB shares are currently very cheap. Keeping in view all these factors, LKP Securities has increased the target price for investment from Rs 146 to Rs 202.

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Now there is a chance to earn 43% on investment

Shares of Bank of Baroda have gained over 68 per cent so far this year and over 77 per cent in one year. However, its momentum is about to stop. Its prices are close to the 52-week record level, which it touched on September 19 at a high of Rs 143.40. According to market experts, money can still be made in this. By investing at the target price of Rs 202 at the current price, you can get a return of 43 percent.

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