Mutual Fund: Choose which fund to choose for a better tomorrow, know where you can get better returns


  • Many are afraid of the volatility in the stock market.
  • In such a situation, by investing in mutual funds, you can get the returns of the stock market.
  • But most of the people miss out on selecting the right fund.

MumbaiYou want to make your tomorrow better. You don’t understand what to do about it. So you need the Thematic Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund (Thematic Fund scheme) should be selected. Nowadays this scheme is becoming more popular and the more important thing is that through this one fund you can also invest in many funds.

What is Thematic Fund of Funds
Actually, thematic fund of funds is one such segment, which invests your money in schemes of various fund houses. Mutual fund distributor Maulik Doshi says that this is a time where you can invest in a scheme that gives better returns. In this scheme, investments can be made in the sectors of renewable energy to technology advancement. Or you can also invest in a particular sector or industry through this. Doshi says that ICICI Prudential Thematic Fund of Fund is a better option for an ideal investment in thematic fund. Thematic investing means you invest your money in a segment that you believe in. If you believe that the technology sector will do well in the next few years, then you can take this kind of investment decision.

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Invest in top technology companies
With thematic theme, you can invest in top technology companies and earn an increase in your wealth. Imagine that in the year 2010, Indians only knew about Facebook. At that point you use it and believe that there will be a sharp growth in the company. So you could potentially invest your money in a technology fund. In the year 2012, when this company was listed and the one who invested at that time, today it has got a profit of about 8 times.

No need to take open market risk
Doshi says that in such cases you do not need to take all the risk by investing in the open market. You can invest your money in mutual funds that offer special benefits. These are expertly managed by experienced professionals, and you can watch your money grow with the market. In general, when you choose a theme, you also face many challenges which have to do with the performance of the sector and other related things. In such a situation, it is good for you that you focus on Fund of Funds.

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