Now there will be no collision in trains, successful test of indigenous security system ‘Kavach’

If two trains come face to face on the same track, then there can be a terrible train accident, but now such accidents will not happen. Because under the Zero Accident Mission, the Railways have broken them. That too with the help of indigenous technology. The name of this technology developed in the country is Kavach. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav also participated in its trial today.

Indian Railways has designed its indigenous Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system named as Kavach to strengthen the security of moving trains. Railway Kavach has been touted as the world’s cheapest automatic train accident protection technology. Automated Train Protection (ATP) system was made in-house to help the Railways meet its objective of Zero Accidents.Kavach is a system that allows other trains to run on the same track within a certain range. Automatically stops a train when it detects a train.

Kavach is an anti-collision device network based on radio communication, microprocessor, globe positioning system technology. With the help of this technology, it is expected that the Railways will be successful in achieving the target of zero accidents. Under this, when it is used on two oncoming trains, this technology will start automatic braking action to help them assess each other and reduce the risk of collision. This will prevent trains from colliding.

Let us inform that in this year’s budget, it has been announced to bring 2000 km of railway network under Kavach technology under self-reliant India. It is being described as a revolutionary step in terms of passenger safety.

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