Pay for tea here in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, this tea shop in Bangalore became a hangout for cryptocurrency users

Losing money on Bitcoin, a college dropout started a tea stall named ‘The Frustrated Drop Out’. The twist here is that you can also pay for tea here in bitcoin. It has now become a ‘hangout hangout’ for people who use cryptocurrency.

Shubham Saini is an alumnus of Indira Gandhi University. Shubham came to Bangalore in search of a job and in no time, he got acquainted with cryptocurrencies and started taking interest in crypto market trading.

In 2020, after a 60% drop in the market, many others, like Saini, had invested all their pocket money to buy crypto coins. “In just a few months, I saw a jump of 1000%,” he said. From Rs 1.5 lakh, his crypto wallet increased to Rs 30 lakh.

Seeing such good profits, he stopped asking for money from parents, even started paying his college fees on his own and started living a lavish life. With this he dropped out of college in the last semester and completely immersed himself in crypto trading.

However, as the market bottomed out the next year, San’s crypto portfolio declined by 90%. He told the Indian Express, “I am back where I started. From Rs 30 lakh to Rs 1 lakh straight away. I could not believe that one night could change so much in my life.”

He said, “Now it was a matter of self-respect… as I searched for online means to make fast money, nothing was making sense now.”

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This incident forced the 22-year-old boy to do something else. He opened a small tea shop called ‘The Frustrated Drop Out’. Then came the idea of ​​P2P payment platform.

When customers first tried to pay the price of their tea with bitcoin, he was both surprised and upset. The popularity of using crypto to buy something as simple as tea has helped his work grow.

Saini claims that on an average, every week at least 20 new customers make their payments in cryptocurrencies. He has told that he uses the Paxful crypto platform to receive crypto payments.

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