PVR will open new Superplexes, increase the number of screens, focus on South India

PVR has new Superplexes Plan has been made to open. The company plans to increase the number of screens by around 100 every year. Joint Managing Director of the company Sanjeev Kumar Bijli told this. PVR opened a superplex in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, on 24 November. This Lulu Group Opened in association with This is PVR’s fourth superplex with 12 screens. Superplex refers to a property that has 10 or more screens. These are of different formats. second multiplex company INOX has also opened a similar mega property. One of them is in Mumbai. It has 11 screens with six different cinema formats.

Superplex to open soon in Bengaluru

Bijli said, “A superplex of 12 screens is about to open in Bengaluru. It is being built with Prestige Group. Another will open in Lucknow at Lulu Mall. This property will have 11 screens. We are building superplexes in places like , where there are people watching a film in multiple languages. We cannot open a supplex in Amritsar as most of the population here use the local language. So opening multiple screens would not be right.”

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Facility to watch movies in multiple formats in Superplex

He said that we opened a superplex in Kerala because people here watch local language films as well as films in other regional languages ​​and in Hindi and English. PVR has invested $55-600 million to set up a 12-screen superplex in Kerala. He said that the pricing in the new property will be dynamic. This is a new market. We will start tickets at Rs 180-200. This will be for normal screen. Rs 350 for IMAX ks and Rs 600 for Luxe format. In this way the average ticket price will come down to around 250.

PVR has total 876 screens

PVR K Joint MD said that while increasing the number of screens, the focus will be on the whole country. However, the company wants to increase its properties in South India. We get better returns in the southern market as people are more interested in watching films there. We are opening the screens in Chennai. We are opening four screens in Bengaluru and Hubli. The company has 27 screens in Kerala. Of the total 876 screen portfolio of the company, 311 are in the south.

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