Seat Belt Alarm will be mandatory in the car, now the car and ride will be more secure. Zee Business

Seat Belt Alarm: After the death of businessman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident, the government’s attitude towards security has become very strict. Everyone sitting in the car will now have to wear seat belts. If seat belt is not put on, then audio-video warning will be given. Now seat belt alarm will be mandatory in M ​​and N category vehicles. Along with this, over speed alarm will also be mandatory. The Ministry of Transport has issued the draft notification.

The Transport Ministry has sought suggestions and objections on this by October 5. Belts will be mandatory for all front facing seats. The government wants to implement it soon.

3 level alarm will sound

The alarm will sound at three levels in the car. First- video warning when the engine of the car is started, second- audio-video when the vehicle is running without belt and third- alarm will continue to sound even if someone opens the belt during the journey.

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