SEBI’s strictness on AIF schemes with discrimination in bearing losses, said – avoid new investment in such schemes. Zee Business

Market regulator SEBI (SEBI) has made a big announcement in the interest of investors. Under this, SEBI has shown strictness on Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) schemes that discriminate against losses.

Advice to avoid such schemes

While issuing the circular, SEBI said that investors should avoid making new investments in such schemes. Because such complaints are continuously being received that the sponsors are taking less of the loss. While the rule was that according to the proportion in which investment is being done, the burden of loss will also be there. But the burden of loss was being put more by saying that there is priority in payment.

Talks continue with AIPAC and industry

The market regulator is considering the matter with the Alternative Investment Policy Advisory Committee (AIPAC) and the industry. However, the minimum investment condition in AIF is one crore rupees, which is adopted by big investors for diversification.

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SEBI increased strictness on AIF

In recent months, SEBI has significantly increased vigilance and strictness in regulations related to AIFs. It is expected that after the meeting with AIPAC and industry, the strictness may increase in this direction. Due to this, there will be a burden of losses for the investors in terms of investment.

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