Shock to Airtel customers! Minimum monthly recharge became expensive in these two circles, check details. Zee Business

If you are a user of Bharti Airtel, then there is good news for you. The company has made the minimum monthly recharge plan expensive in 2 circles. That is, customers will have to pay more than before for recharge. In this, the cost of recharge has been increased by 57 percent to Rs 155 for the 28-day plan. According to the official website and analyst of the telecom company, this information was received.

Recharge became costlier in Haryana and Odisha

According to the report, the telecom company has increased the recharge prices in Haryana and Odisha circles. Along with this, its minimum service plan of Rs 99 has been discontinued. In this plan, customers were charged 200 MB of data and calls at the rate of 2.5 paise per second.

Recharge will be expensive in other parts of the country as well

According to agency sources having information about this matter, the company has started testing this new plan. After this, the company can implement it all over India on the basis of the testing result. With this, SMS and data plans priced below Rs 155 are likely to be discontinued for 28 days. This means that customers will now have to recharge with Rs 155 to get SMS service in the monthly plan.

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5G services started in Guwahati

Airtel has informed on Monday itself that the company has started 5G services in Guwahati. In the statement, the company said that Airtel 5G Plus service will be available to the customers in a phased manner, as the company is building and expanding its network. Along with this, Airtel 5G Plus will strengthen the entire portfolio of all the services offered by it.

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