Startup in India: Government will give incentives to 10,000 startups, IT Secretary told these details. Zee Business

Startup in India: The government has planned to give incentives to more than 10,000 startups under the ‘Genesis’ program in the next five-six years. According to the news of PTI, Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, while giving this information on Tuesday, said that most of the startups do not have to arrange finance. Not the issue and they are pushing for growth in different ways.

moving on to the next step

According to the news, the secretary said that funding is not an issue, now we are moving towards the next stage where Genesis is going to come. We are going to start this program, in the next five-six years, we are going to encourage more than 10,000 startups. Sharma said this in response to a question asked about the possibility of lack of funding in front of startup companies.

Rs 750 crore corpus

The government had announced the Digital India Genesis program in July last. A fund of Rs 750 crore has been allocated for ‘Genesis’, the next generation support program for innovated startups. It was announced to create a fund, so that additional capital support can be given to entrepreneurs.

Racking continues

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry releases the ranking of states and union territories for strengthening the startup environment for budding entrepreneurs and providing an easy regulatory environment for this. This ranking was started in 2018. Today more than 30 states and union territories have startup policies. Not only this, 27 States/UTs have their own State Startup Portals.

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