Tata Motors’ new electric SUV CURVE has lifted the curtain, the design and look are great, the technology is tremendous. Zee Business

A new electric SUV has now joined the family of Tata Motors. The company has taken the curtain off its new electric SUV concept CURVE on Wednesday. The design of the SUV is very stylish. The company has brought this SUV tata motors New Electric SUV concept CURVE) with smart technology and features. The company said that this is such an SUV that will provide tremendous experience even in long journeys. The company said that it will be launched first as an EV, after which it will be launched in the ICE engine.

Panoramic sunroof in Curve SUV
The new Concept Curve SUV gets a panoramic sunroof that ventilates the cabin and gives the experience of natural light inside the car. The interior looks futuristic with two free-standing screens- an infotainment system and a digital driver display.

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