Ukraine Russia Conflict: ‘Russia can isolate itself from the global Internet by March 11’, this claim in the report

Russia’s internet is already in a completely different place than it was just two weeks before the Ukraine war. While social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have limited reach in Russia, Netflix is ​​no longer available and TikTok can no longer upload videos. According to new documents released by the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, some governments have suggested that the Kremlin may have begun planning to disconnect from the global Internet by March 11.

Needless to say, this news comes at a time when Russia is facing Western sanctions due to its invasion of Ukraine.

The documents reportedly suggest that the Kremlin is trying to eliminate dependence on any Western Internet service, potentially isolating Russia from the rest of the global Internet. This is a move that will further cripple Russia’s economy.

But the reports were found to be false, as the documents, which were shared online, highlighted that Russian officials want state-owned websites and online portals to operate over the weekend to protect communication services on the Internet. Coordinate.

The Kremlin was trying to ensure that its government websites would continue to function in the face of more cyberattacks attacking Russian online portals since the start of the war.

To do this, Russian officials want websites to migrate to Russian-owned hosting firms and remove any JavaScript—such as tracking code written by Facebook and Google—on behalf of foreign corporations.

“There are frequent cyber attacks on Russian sites from abroad. We are preparing for different scenarios. There are no plans to disconnect the Internet from the inside,” the Russian ministry told the media.

However, according to newly released documents, it also instructs websites to start using Russian Domain Name System (DNS) servers by March 11. DNS is like a phonebook, which translates web addresses into corresponding numeric IP addresses.

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