Used to wash car in Dubai, luck shone overnight, won a lottery of 21 crores, know the full story of this boy from Nepal

It is said that when the one above gives, he tears the roof. Something similar happened with Bharat, a resident of Nepal. Bharat lives in Dubai, where he won a lottery of Rs 21 crore, making him a millionaire overnight. Bharat had bought a lottery of mere draw with friends. But little did they know that this lottery ticket would make their fortunes shine.

Bharat had left his country, village and home and came to Dubai for livelihood. Here he got a job as a car cleaner. But little did he know that his fortunes would change overnight and make him a millionaire.

Bharat, originally from Nepal, had bought a lottery ticket along with his friends. But he never thought that suddenly his luck will shine and he will win the lucky draw of 21 crores straight.

Bharat wants to go back to his country by becoming a millionaire. He is the first citizen of his country to win such a big lottery. He is preparing to return to his country on 27 September.

Bharat used to spend his life working hard in Dubai. India has been working as a car cleaner in Dubai for the last three years. His father is a rickshaw driver.

His brother is ill and his treatment is going on in Delhi. So Bharat wants to fulfill the responsibilities of his family with the lottery money.

However, he is not the first person to win the lottery. Earlier, Kerala autorickshaw driver Anoop had won a lottery worth Rs 25 crore on the occasion of Onam. After deducting the tax, he got Rs 15 crore.

Bharat along with his friends bought the Mahjooj lottery. Now he is going back to Nepal, but he says that he will come back to Dubai and try his luck once again in the lucky draw.

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