What did the astrologer say to Harsh Goenka which proved to be true?

Famous industrialist Harsh Goenka is known for his brilliant tweets. They keep on tweeting from knowledge, entertainment to funny. On Friday (June 24), he made such a tweet, which is being discussed a lot. He tweeted this in a light-hearted manner.

Goenka is the chairman of RPG Group. So it would be right to say that he has really done great things in life. But, Goenka has justified the astrologer’s prediction in another way as well. He has said, “Very accurate prediction, I’ve reached S~ M~ L~ XL~ XXL~ XXXL.”

Thousands of Twitter users have liked this joke of Goenka. Users have reacted differently on this. Some people have shared their experience regarding astrologer.

Harsh Goenka has 17 lakh followers on Twitter. He also tweets on events and changes that are relevant to a large segment of the population. One of his tweets about bitcoin was very popular.

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