What is RSI indicator: If you want to bet on stocks in the midst of Ukraine crisis, keep these indicators in mind

Mumbai: February 24, 2022 was the second worst day after March 2020 for Nifty 50. The stock markets fell sharply as the crisis in Ukraine deepened. Russia attacked Ukraine yesterday by land, sky and water. It was the most powerful attack by any country on another country in Europe since World War II.

Nifty had a bad start yesterday and kept falling throughout the day. Eventually the index closed near the day’s low. Nifty closed at 16,248, down 816 points, or 4.8%. Nifty closed with a fall for the seventh day in a row. Among Asian indices, Nifty was among the worst-performing indices.

There are several indicators you should consider before placing a bet on stocks. These include market cap, volume, moving average, etc. Similarly, Relative Strength Index (RSI) is also a momentum indicator which will definitely help you in selecting stocks.

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