Yes Bank Customer Alert: Important news for Yes Bank customers! This service is going to stop from 1st December

Yes Bank Account Holder Alert: Important news for Yes Bank customers. Yes Bank has issued a message to its customers. This message is about SMS balance alert facility of Yes Bank. Yes Bank said that it is discontinuing the balance alert service provided through SMS. If you are getting SMS service of balance alert under any package, then that too will stop from December 1. However, if there is time left in your subscription, you will get SMS service till then.

You can take advantage of these services from here

Yes Bank said that customers can check account balance using online facilities of the bank like Yes Mobile, Yes Online, Yes Robot etc. You can customize SMS service as per your convenience. You can register for SMS service, make changes.

Register for the service like this

these are the steps

step 1 : Log in online with your Yes Bank customer ID and password.

Step 2: Click on Menu at the corner of the page.

step 3 : Click on Alert on Profile Manage.

step 4 : Select the account you want to modify, register or de-register.

step 5 : Select the type of alert.

step 6 : Once the alert is selected, save it.

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